Fiji, Yasawai-i-Ra 2015

Project Fiji, Yasawa-i-Ra  project information
Mission Type Work Team  
County Fiji
Location Yasawa-i-Ra
Date 7/21/2015 - 8/3/2015

Travel from San Francisco to Nadi, Fiji; receive delivery of 7-m long, 8 passenger boat with motor, purchased for the Yasawa-i-Ra District (product of two years of fund-raising, cost US$12,000); purchase of fuel and supplies; travel by commercial ferry and then by boat purchased to Naviti Island, Marou Village, to deliver boat and participate in ceremonies and church services of celebration; 5 days at Marou; return to Nadi for one night; four days off and then meet with church officials at central offices of the Methodist Church of Fiji in Suva; return to San Francisco

Additional Details

Cost $3,267.00
Contact Christopher Klein
Phone 510-333-1856