UMCOR Depot West UMW

Project Utah, Salt Lake City  project information
Mission Type Education   Work Team  
County United States of America
Location UMCOR Depot, West
Date 5/22/2015 - 5/31/2015

Will work at UMCOR to examine and repackage kits into cartons for shipping. Kits stored there: sewing, school, health, infant, birthing, bedding and flood buckets. (Working in sewing room is optional). We will be housed at the Episcopal Church in downtown Salt Lake City. We have reservations for 12. Team fees include UMCOR process fee, most meals 1-3 meals will be no host in restaurants), car transport, 6 night housing, entrance to Red Butte Arboretum, and insurance. Additional team members who are campers can reserve at the nearby KOA. Cost: $70. Includes dinners, local transport, entrance to Red Butte Arboretum, and insurance. For more information about this trip, please contact Judy Church.

Additional Details

Cost $375.00
Cost Payment Information $100 for transportation $275 food, lodging, etc.
Contact Judy Church
Phone (209) 522-2565