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Project Alaska, Yukon River  project information
Mission Type
County United States of America
Location Galena
Date 8/11/2014 - 8/27/2014

A major flood hit 7 remote villages along the Yukon River in May 2013. 82 United Methodist volunteers from across the US spent two weeks of their time and skills helping to repair homes in Galena, AK during August and September. The task was far from complete by the time the weather forced them to quit working. We are going back this summer (2014) to complete the job. FEMA has offered free air travel, tools and equipment and the State of Alaska will provide housing and food. The cost to the team member is virtually nothing but time. So far, we have recruited 12-15 volunteers for each of the 12 teams except Team #11 which goes to Galena on Aug. 11th through the 27th. This team has 6 open slots.

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