Roofing, church and parsonage

Project California, Yuba City  project information
Mission Type
County United States of America
Location Grace UMC
Date 9/28/2014 - 10/5/2014

Roofing, church and parsonage. Licensed Contractor, Haati Nai, is in charge of the construction project. Housing will be provided by host families as needed. Youth can stay in the church. Those staying with families will have all the amenities of a home. Those staying at the church will be able to use showers at the parsonage. There are also RV hookups available locally. All meals will be provided by circuit churches and host families. Three to four teams of 10 people (max) are needed. Adults plus students junior high and older may apply.

Additional Details

Contact Laura Hefferman
Phone (916) 296-7920