California, Wilseyville

Project California, Wilseyville  project information
Mission Type
County United States of America
Location Camp Lodestar
Date 9/16/2013 - 9/20/2013

Located in the Sierra Foothills of Calaveras County, Camp Lodestar is one of our Methodist Church retreat venues. It hosts various youth, family and other church camps Spring through Fall. The sprawling 425 acre facility is in regular need of maintenance. We will take a mission team to Camp Lodestar during the week of September 16th to 20th, 2013 to help with various building repairs. A two and half hour drive from the East Bay, we will carpool up on Monday morning and return on Friday afternoon. Our accommodations will be in a conference cabin that offers space for 20 people in twin bedrooms, separate men/women bath facilities and a full kitchen. Estimated trip cost - $150. Registrations are due August 11th, 2013. For more information or to register, contact Steve Elliott, 925-362-8697 or Steve is with Asbury UMC and has lead two prior missions to Camp Lodestar.

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Contact Steve Elliott
Phone (925) 362-8697