Arizona, San Carlos

Project Arizona, San Carlos  project information
Mission Type
County United States of America
Location Apache Indian Reservation
Date 4/6/2013 - 4/13/2013

Put your faith into action come and be part of the LAUMC 2013 San Carlos Trip, April 6-13, 2013. This trip is open to all ages no prior experience is necessary. We have worked with AMOR Ministries on our Mexico trips for over 15 years. This year, we will work the AMOR Ministries on the San Carlos Apache Indian Reservation, 90 miles northeast of Phoenix in Arizona. Working with AMOR Ministries, we will help build a 2-bedroom, 1-bath house and seek to alleviate the tangible needs of the poor by sharing the love of Jesus with families through providing homes to families in need. We will camp during the week and stay in a hotel in Indio on the way down and back. We will have our own gourmet camp chefs prepare food for us. Registration form and deposits are due by January 27. Final payments and remaining forms are due by February 17. Final sign up date is February 3rd.

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Contact Leslie Carmichael
Phone (650) 941-0260