UMCOR Depot West UMW

Project Utah, Salt Lake City  project information
Mission Type Education   Work Team  
County United States of America
Location UMCOR Depot, West
Date 6/10/2016 - 6/19/2016

Most of us will be driving to Salt Lake City, Utah for the following:

The work that will take place will be the following: 
1) Transporting emergency kits from the California-Nevada Annual Conference 
2) Assemble UMCOR emergency kits
3) Experience cultural diversity including work at the Welfare Square of the LDS church
4) Encourage journeys of faith.

Additional Details

Cost $275.00
Cost Payment Information $100 and $70 cost of 2 nights' hotel, meals for travel days $375 for those driving $325 plus individually purchased airfare for flyers
Contact Judy Church
Phone 209-522-2565