Turkey, Ankara

Date 5/15/2016 - 3/28/2016

Exotic sights, scents, and sounds reign in this fascinating land where Europe and Asia meet. Our small group will travel to parts of Turkey not generally seen by Western tourists. Our adventure begins in the capital of Turkey, Ankara, with a private tour of the Museum of Anatolian Civilizations. Highlights of the trip include: stays in historic Ottoman era towns located along the original Spice Route, a morning cruise along the Black Sea, a visit to Sumela Monastary, a thousand year old UNESCO Heritage Site, a day hike through Turkish Alpine Villages, exploration of Ani, the ancient capital of Armenia, and a few days to wander in Istanbul.
This will be the third trip to Turkey hosted by Linda Deos and Eva Brock from our church. Linda lived in Turkey and is familiar with the culture, history, and language. We will also have the services of a local Turkish guide who is an expert in Eastern Orthodox Church history, Ottoman history and culture, and modern Turkey.


Additional Details

Cost $6,000.00
Cost Payment Information Per Member: Airfare, transportation, etc: $4200 for land portion only, airfare between $1300-$4500 depending on Team Member Food, lodging, insurance: $100 a day
Contact Linda Deos
Phone 530-753-4612