Fiji, Kadavu & Viti Levu

We will return to John Wesely Bible School at Viseisei, Viti Levu to share greetings our church after delivery of mission gifts to the school last July. A visit is planned for the Viseisei Women's Clinic. Traveling to Kadavu, we will be received by a village of one of our mission team. Also, a visit will be made to the Richmond Circuit School and a medical clinic at the school. Back to Viti Levu we will make a connectional visit to the Farm at Navuso. We will be traveling with an Agricultural Specialist and a Pediatric Nurse, making our visits as listening posts. We hope to continue discussion with the General Secretary of the Methodist Church regarding the Decade of Education Initiative of the Church. We want to be clearer about the local vision and goals so that what we do is in alignment with their plan. Mission reporting on our return will be beneficial for our Conference collaboration activities and may revitalize some connections, while suggesting other new areas of cooperation. We do this all for the Glory of God and in faithful continuation of the efforts of the many who have preceded us.
As always, there will be a cultural immersion opportunity through village visits, museum visits, site visits and mission preparation by mission leader.

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People Served People of Kadavu & Viti in Fiji
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