California, Lake County Fire

A devastating fire erupted in Lake County the last week of July, 2015 and has been spreading. Four of our Lake County churches (Middletown, Lowerlake, Clearlake Community, and Clearlake Oaks UMC's) have already been directly affected by the fast spreading fire, which has burned 70,000 acres and has destroyed 585 homes and hundreds of other structures as well.   The fire is between 5 – 10 miles from those four churches, and there are reports it is turning north and moving toward Clearlake Oaks.  While it doesn’t look like the fire will actually raze any towns, thousands of people live outside those four towns. 
The Clearlake Community UMC is preparing to serve as a shelter.  Lowerlake and Clearlake Oaks are making similar plans, depending upon how the fire moves.
Already hundreds of people have been displaced by the fire.  Fire officials are currently considering a mandatory evacuation of 6,000. 

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