Uganda, Jinja

Location Uganda, Jinja

 Holy Cross UMC V.I.M. Project

Scope of the Project

In March, 2014, a work team sponsored by Holy Cross United Methodist Church in Stockton, CA, will be traveling to Uganda to the Jinja District to assist two organizations. We will assist the AIDS Orphans Education Trust (AOET) by interviewing and writing updated profiles on orphans or other vulnerable children being sponsored by people in the United States, helping to conduct outreach health clinics, and doing whatever kind of work the organization needs and the skills of the group make possible. We also will assist the Bugembe Women’s Group in the construction of a building to house a Women’s Resource Center. The Center will offer economic empowerment training and support for girls and women in an area where few opportunities exist. The church already has enabled the Group to purchase the land for the Center.


Information About Organizations to be Served

AIDS Orphans Education Trust is a registered Ugandan non-governmental organiztion operating in the Jinja District. It operates both a primary and a secondary school, a health clinic, and a Model Children’s Village, where intact families of at least a father, mother, and one birth child foster up to six orphaned children. It is a Christian faith-based organization serving both Christian and Muslim children who need assistance. More complete information can be obtained at

The Bugembe Women’s Group is a Ugandan registered community based organization which was formed more than 10 years ago to promote the welfare of women and girls in Bugembe, a township in the Jinja District. It currently operates in the homes of women to offer instruction in knitting and sewing. Having a physical facility will empower the women to expand the scope of what they do (to include, for instance, computer skills and animal husbandry) and the number of people they can reach. A copy of their building proposal can be provided upon request.

Holy Cross UMC Affiliation with the Groups

In 2005, two Holy Cross members were part of a team of volunteers assisting AOET. As a result of this visit, the congregation has since 2005 sponsored a Ugandan youth (who currently is completing his education in a vocational class to become a plumber) One of these members, Diane Morgali, returned to Uganda in 2007, 2009, and 2011 as part of work teams. During those visits she became aware of the work of the Bugembe Women’s Group. In October, 2012, Holy Cross sent its own work team, co-led by Pastor John McLaughlin and Diane Morgali, to Uganda to assist AOET. In 2014 the work will expand to include the Bugembe Women’s Group. The team will again be co-led by John McLaughlin and Diane Morgali.

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Additional Details

Project Sponsor Holy Cross UMC Stockton, CA
People Served Christian and Muslim children in need of assistance; promotion of welfare of women and girls