Philippines, Zambales

Location Zambales Province

Medical-Dental Mission 

Location: Batiawan village, Subic Municipality, Zambales province, Philippines

Date: April 24-25, 2014

Beneficiaries: 1,000 indigenous Aeta people including mothers, the elderly, and about 100 children


Description of Area: The community is an upland mountainous village in the Zambales mountain range between the provinces of Zambales and Pampanga. It is only accessible by a 4 kilometers of dirt road and 2 hours walking up the mountain village. Thus the village lack basic social services from the government. The mission site is under the under the leadership of DS Helen Cunanan.

Description of the Mission: The Mission is initiated by the Marikina United Methodist Church of Marikina City, Metro Manila, Philippines through its Outreach Ministry chaired by Ms. Miriam Tayabas. It will also be attended by some members of the UMC nearby. This Mission is also in partnership with the sister church of Salinas FUMC through the sponsorship of UMW. Local volunteers will be composed of medical/dental doctors, midwife and other health professionals.

Aside from the medical/dental activities, stuffed toys and schoolbags/supplies will be distributed to Aeta children.


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People Served Indigenous Aeta Community