Hurricane Sandy Recovery - (Youth Teams)

The Restoration Generation : Young Adult and Youth teams - Hurricane Sandy Recovery.

Some general guidelines and information:

* Team leader of youth teams must be an adult with 3/1 youth to adult ratio. Young Adults can lead their own teams following the Safe Sanctuary Policies of their Annual Conference.
* Team leader must be UMVIM trained.
* Good Team Size is 7-10 members.
* Approximate Cost - $200 seems to be the average
* The Restoration Generation Initiative was originally started by young adults with young adults in mind, so we definitely encourage those kinds of teams to form and they should not find restrictions on the kind of work they can do as long as they have the skills.
* Teams will mainly be housed in churches. Peninsula-Delaware and New Jersey are converting unused church buildings into bunk houses. Capacity is still being developed in New York.
* The UMVIM forms found in the UMVIM handbook will be used and any others that might be site-specific.

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Additional Details

Project Sponsor Cal-Nev Conference
People Served locals affected by Hurricane Sandy