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The Mission Handcrafts project was started as Bolivian Handcrafts in the 1960s when United Methodist missionaries serving in Bolivia brought and sold to folks in California-Nevada Conference alpaca sweaters, ponchos, gloves and other items produced by families in one of the poorest countries in South America. Since those first sales, inventory from Bolivia has increased and in addition to providing income for the producers, the project has sent $71,500 to Advance Specials for women, children, pastor salary support and the Quechua and other projects In Bolivia.
In 2004 the project's name was changed to Mission Handcrafts as crafts from Africa and India were added to the inventory. Sales of items purchased by UMVIM team members have raised over $4,800 for projects in West Angola and $800 for a youth center in Lesotho. Over $12,000 has been raised to sponsor girls in Methodist schools in India and to support programs relating to rural health, women's empowerment and services for children and youth. UMVIM teams to India shop annually to provide inventory for Mission Handcrafts.
Community health and women's livelihood programs in Cambodia have received over $9,000 from the sale of silk and other items secured with the help of California-Nevada missionaries in Phenom Penh. The Meals on Wheels program in Macedonia has also received support from the sale of crafts secured through California-Nevada missionary help.
The Mission Handcrafts project has supported craftspeople in Haiti, Cuba, Fiji, Ghana, Philippines, Guatemala and other countries, as well as United Methodist Red Bird Mission in Kentucky and United Methodist Tree of Life Ministry to Lakota Sioux in South Dakota. Funds raised by the sale of inventory from these projects has gone to the California-Nevada UM Volunteers in Mission program. Over the years, the Mission Handcrafts project has raised a total of more than $106,000 for missions around the world through sales conducted at Annual Conference and in local churches . Members of local churches are invited to schedule sales to support Mission Handcrafts by contacting Sale Coordinator Sandra Metzger at 707-938-8373 or emailing to sgmetzger@att.net.

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