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The Bolivian handcrafts project, begun in the 1960s by UM Missionaries, gives essential income to families in one of the poorest countries in South America and has sent over $104,031 to date to these UM Advance Specials: Pastor Salary Support; Women's Enrichment; Quechua project; Walt Henry School; Thiu Rancho; transportation and health.

In 2004 crafts from Africa and India were added and the project's name changed to Mission Handcrafts. Sale of items purchased by UMVIM team members have raised over $4800 for projects in West Angola, $800 for a youth center in Lesotho, and $2500 for Cal-Nev UMVIM Scholarship Fund. Over $9,000 has been rasied to sponsor girls in Methodist schools and programs in India, and for the Methodist rural health and women's empowerment projects in Mumbai and Jamked. UMVIM teams to India shop annually to replace items sold.

Sales of silk purses, scarves, shawls, wallets and other items from Cambodia help support the work of Community Health and Agriculture Development, a United Methodist multi-nationally sponsored group in the Phenom Penh area. The most recent additions to Mission handicrafts inventory come from Haiti, with sales of notecards, metal crosses and other items benefiting the Thomas Food Program, begun in 2011 by UMVIM team members from San Ramon Valley UMC. Project plans include a school garden, agriculture and computer classes, rocket stoves, eco-friendly cooking fuel and more.

Mission Handicrafts has also supported artisans in Cuba, Fiji, Ghana, Philippines, Guatemala, Sri Lanka, Korea and other countries, plus UM Red Bird Mission in Kentucky and the UM Tree of Life Ministry to Lakota Sioux in South Dakota.

While on mission trips, UMVIM teams are invited to purchase crafts from local artisans for MH project resale to benefit UM projects. Churches are encouraged to sell Mission Handcrafts at their church.

Contact: Sandra Metzger for more information at   sgmetzger@att.net  or 707-938-8373

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