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A mission destination, the Garden of Grace is an opportunity for United Methodist Volunteer in Mission teams to use their gardening gifts, serve the hunger needs of the local community and gain skills that can be taken home or extended toward worldwide mission projects.

If your local church or Conference is seeking a different kind of mission opportunity – one not aimed at construction or disaster relief – Asbury’s Garden of Grace is worth your consideration.
UMVIM Teams are invited to examine the Garden’s calendar for times and opportunities for serving.
There are options available to be in mission for a partial day, a full Saturday or a five-day week of gardening, learning and inspiration.
For groups wanting to experience the Garden’s opportunities for serving and learning there are partial days – examine the calendar here to see what upcoming dates and projects are planned. Be sure to click on the link to register yourself and/or your group for the day of your choice.
Beginning in September 2011 there will be, on average, one week a month throughout the year, where UMVIM Teams are welcome and needed to extend the work and productivity of the Garden. Examine the calendar here to see what the future openings exist.
Accommodations are available on site, with a full kitchen and a shower, areas for worship, and relaxation – well-heated and air-conditioned. During the five days of working in the Garden there will be a full sequence of learning, training and experiencing taking ground from barren to beautifully productive.
The focus of the curriculum and training offered designed to learn techniques of sustainable agriculture, composting, and organic gardening. Experience working through all the stages of productive gardening including harvesting the latest produce, carrying it a hundred yards to Open Heart Kitchen on Tuesday and Wednesday and sharing a delicious meal with a program that serves the local community with over 500 meals each day.
The contact person to coordinate your UMVIM week of mission on site is Rev. Chuck Johnstone. He can be reached at and (925) 447-1950 (ext. 1).

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Project Sponsor Asbury UMC
People Served Poor in the Livermore Community