California, (Gold Country Circuit)

Location North San Juan, CA UMC; Downieville, CA UMC, Sierra City, CA UMC

Come visit a "pioneer" United Methodist Church that reflects the Wesleyan model of circuit riders in "God's Country".  We have various dates for our projects so contact us for your choice.  There are actually three fo these churches in the same circuit.  You will be hosted work here by our members and our community.  Work will include to fix roofs, build a kitchenette, general maintenance, and related "micro-VIM" day-trips.  Drive up for the day or stay for a month.  Great camping nearby. 

To plan a trip to these churches please contact:

Dan & Susan Kopp

Nearby Pioneer UMC in Aurburn has planned a series of short visits to these churchs and you are welcome to join one their teams.  For more information or to join a team contact Fred Skeen, (530) 559-5411, FredRN49@Yahoo.Com.

These three UMC locations are:  North San Juan, CA UMC;  Downieville, CA UMC, Sierra City, CA UMC.

 Picnic attendees at North San Juan UMC


Reno First UMC @ North San Juan UMC -- October 2012

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People Served "pioneer" United Methodist Churches that reflect the Wesleyan model of circuit riders in "God's Country"
Phone (530) 559-5411