Webinar: Covid-19: Impact on Incarcerated Children & Youth

June 04, 2020

Annual Conferenceof 2019 established the Task Force on Criminalization of Children & Youth, whose task was to examine the ways in which our systems treat children and youth of color in disproportionately punitive ways as compared with white children, particularly in school and neighborhood settings.

Sponsored by the California-Nevada Advocacy & Justice Comnmittee, the special called task force will report on their work over the past year in a webinar scheduled for:  

Friday June 19th, Juneteenth, from 7p to 8:30p pacific daylight time. 

Hubert Ivery, Chair of the Advocacy & Justice Committee will bring greetings and introduce the task force. The webinar will cover an overview of Resolution #22, give context for COVID-19 and the resulting time of shelter in place and explore conditions in prisons and immigrant detention centers.

Panelists will include Patricia Daughtery, Chair of the task force, Jo Ann Lawson, racial justice coordination for UMW National, and Gala King, regional faith organizer for IM4HI.

Space is limited to first 100. 

Register Here.