World Methodist Council’s Consultation on Migrant/Diaspora Churches

May 15, 2019

From the Council of Bishops

At the World Methodist Council [WMC] meeting in Seoul, Korea in 2018 a decision was made to host a global consultation on migrant and diaspora Methodist churches. The goals of the consultation will be both to celebrate the evangelical role United Methodist migrants are making around the world, and to discern ways we can be more ecumenically engaged as we plant new churches. Bishop Rosemarie Wenner is taking the lead on the organization and execution of the consultation in her capacity as the Geneva Secretary for the WMC. 
The consultation will take place June 3-6, 2019. Officially representing The UMC at the consultation will be: Bishops Unda, Nhanala, Torio, Streiff, Devadhar and Carcaño [above]. 

Also attending will be: Edgar de Jesus, a representative from the Zimbabwean UMC in London, representatives from GBGM, and Jean Hawxhurst.