Updated Version of Proposed Conference Legislation Posted

June 14, 2019

Conference Secretary Mark Wharff has elected to post an updated pre-ACS version of Recommendations, Resolutions, and Petitions that he’s calling Compilation 2.1.
Compilation 2.1 includes a fresh edition of Item 1 (with budget columns in landscape format), Item 2 (Committee on Nominations and Connectional Leadership Development Report of Nominations), and additional updates.

Clicking on an item in the Table of Contents will take you directly to that page.

(Note: On Page 2 of the Table of Contents, the link to Items 28-32 extend only through the referenced paragraph number; clicking on the right, near the page number, will not work for Items 28-32 only.)

Please delete any earlier version/s that you have downloaded (and possibly printed) and replace it/them with Compilation 2.1.
The final compilation of Recommendations, Resolutions, and Petitions will be posted at the conclusion of the first day of ACS, Wednesday, June 19, 2019.