Upcoming Wednesday Webinars focus on hybrid worship model

December 29, 2020

Editor's Note: The Wednesday Webinar team is busy preparing sessions for January 2021 and the following two offerings will support local pastors and lay leaders to craft worship in a hybrid fashion - digital and in person, for when we can again gather in our church buildings. Registration for both webinars will be available December 21st on the Wednesday Webinar homepage of the California-Nevada website.  Click here to register.

On January 14th Jason Moore, will return to our webinar series for a second offering entitled "BOTH/AND: Maximizing Hybrid Worship Experiences for Online and In-Person Audiences". Jason will offer an introductory webinar on January 6th and a This introductory webinar on January 6, and then host a 2-hour workshop on January 14th that will provide some creative ideas and solutions for meaningful hybrid worship.   

The workshop will explore strategies for creating powerful transformative worship where no one feels like they are an afterthought and will include: 
• Re-imagining worship for both/and
• How to create interactive both/and experiences
• Bringing at home and in-person audiences together in real time
• Alternative opportunities for online audiences watching in-person livestreams
• Repurposing in-person worship for online audiences
• Strategies for adapting practices for both/and
• Avoiding letting your groove becoming a rut
• And more

Marcia McFee (www.marciamcfee.com) will also be returning to our webinar series on January 27th and offer two additional workshops. 

The first workshop, "Journey to Lent," will begin on January 6, 2021, and will continue for three sessions.  This is a seven-week worship series that follows the Psalms for Year B. Dr. Marcia McFee's "Journey to Lent 2021" webinars will be offered for free to all in the conference.  Our participation gives you access to three live webinars to help you prepare for Lent 2021 (also recorded for your archives).  The first two hour webinar on January 6 and begin at 9am PST, and will be a planning retreat session to explore Lent's historical and theological themes and help you envision a new worship series experience for your church. On the January 12th at 9am PST the second hour long webinar will focus on Deep Structure, developing a design model to help you plan ahead and foster healthy collaboration skills with your worship team or volunteers. On January 19 at 9am PST, the final hour long session on Spiritual Depth will highlight techniques for leading meaningful and memorable worship experiences. 

These webinars are also tailored to approach worship practices during the pandemic and will explore the basics of sensory-rich worship design while emphasizing safety protocols and getting creative for online expressions without burning out. All you need to do is register (at no charge) to receive the emails. You can invite unlimited members of your worship team (or potential worship team members) to receive these communications as well.

The second workshop will be resource-rich access to a seven-week series entitled "God is Holding Your Life" and is a free bonus with your "Journey to Lent" registration., Following this link for information about the "God is Holding on to Your Life" workshop (https://14ukczwd.pages.infusionsoft.net/).