Understanding General Conference: Resource for Individuals and Churches

January 28, 2019

You probably know that a special called session of The United Methodist Church’s legislative body, General Conference, will take place Feb. 23-26 in St. Louis. You probably know that the session will deal with the denominational stance on gender equality, with the aim of finding a way for the church to accommodate differing views on same-sex marriage and ordination while remaining unified. However, you may have only a vague notion of how General Conference actually works – how decisions are reached there – and how those decisions can affect your local church, as well as the global UMC.

United Methodist Communications has created a training course, available to individuals at no cost, that incorporates articles, quizzes, and multi-media interaction to help you better understand the importance and function of General Conference.

This self-directed online course is available through March 1st. Enroll in the Exploring General Conference training course at https://www.umctraining.org/product?catalog=EG-Conference

After taking the course, put your newfound knowledge and perspective to use by watching the action take place! The special session will be livestreamed in its entirety on UMC.org/live, to enable all United Methodists to be a part of this historic denominational event.