UMW: Second conference on interrupting the cradle to prison pipeline

August 13, 2020

The California-Nevada Conference United Methodist Women are hosting the second in their series of ZOOM events on 'Interrupting the Cradle to Prison Pipeline' on Saturday, August 15th, 10 am - Noon.
Pastor Holly Hillman and Carl Pinkston are the guest speakers.  Pastor Holly Hillman has ministered with women in prison for over a decade and will share what she has learned. Carl Pinkston is a founder of the Black Parallel School Board and will talk about the role of the Black Parallel School Board in ensuring a school environment where all students, regardless of their skin color, feel safe, respected and valued.  

Both speakers have been asked to identify ways in which members of UMW may become involved.

Click here to register for the August 15th session.

Click here to view the first session.