UMCOR Sunday Is This Weekend

March 28, 2019

Sunday is UMCOR Sunday (formerly known as "One Great Hour of Sharing"). This Special Sunday supports the overhead costs for the United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR). When there is a disaster, UMCOR is able to respond immediately through its network of trained disaster response teams and local partners. 

We hope your worship services on March 31 will have a clear message about the important impact that UMCOR makes in communities such as Paradise, California that must rebuild after a disaster. Long after the media has stopped covering a disaster, UMCOR continues to work with those affected on behalf of all United Methodists. 

To encourage people to give generously on UMCOR Sunday, please send a reminder email to the congregation. The General Board of Global Ministries (GBGM) has developed some samples that you can adapt. 

Incorporate worship resources into the March 31 services. For instance:

  • Make sure that each person in your worship gathering receives an UMCOR Sunday offering envelope and bulletin insert.
  • Use the liturgy and suggested hymns that connect with UMCOR’s work.
  • Invite a speaker to share the offering talk and accompanying offering slides before receiving the UMCOR Sunday offering.
  • Wondering how your sermon can relate to UMCOR Sunday? GBGM has prepared a sermon starter for inspiration.

These resources are designed to be helpful to you as you design an integrated worship service that helps your congregation experience the connection of being United Methodist. Working together, UMs can do more as ambassadors for Christ to rebuild communities, welcome the stranger, and ensure access to clean water and food. Thank you for being part of the connection!