UMC Pastors in the Philippines Address Military Harassment

April 02, 2020

By Michael Yoshii

A continue concern for human rights ministry in the Philippines has been the targeting of pastors and lay members engaged in support of the poor and marginalized. 

Recently United Methodist pastors in the Philippines have been subjected to surveillance and intimidation by the military because of their human rights ministries.

The UMC Ilocos South District (UMC-ISD) Superintendent Rev. Joel Bengbeng and a pastor under his jurisdiction, Rev. Brian Asuit have received home and church visits starting in May 2019.  As the visits have continued to escalate, the Conference Board of Church and Society has come to their support by publicly addressing the military.  Following is the link to the full story.  

Click here to read the story by Sherwin De Vera, journalist, Nordis.