‘ThinkHR’: New Resource for Churches

January 09, 2019

Church Mutual Insurance Company and its affiliate, Church and Casualty, is providing all participating churches with access to a cloud-based platform called ThinkHR that will help churches and annual conference agencies with their Human Resource needs. 
Most churches have a need for experts who can offer them advice on how to deal with employees, but few have lay members with the needed expertise. ThinkHR offers integrated HR resources and training, supported by live HR experts, that can fill this void – and it’s free!
To take advantage of ThinkHR’s services, someone from your church needs to register on the ThinkHR site. A webinar tutorial (approximately 30 minutes long) is available for users to get a quick overview of what ThinkHR has to offer. Some of its most important features are:

  • Workers classification for Workers’ Compensation purposes; 
  • Differentiation between employees and Independent Contractors;
  • Required record keeping; and
  • How to ask questions of a qualified HR expert.
Register your church here.
If you have questions, call Conference Insurance Program Administrator Donald E. Jones of Berger & Jones Insurance Agency, Inc. at 925-277-9090, Ext. 102, or 1-800-852-4375.