The Black College Fund: Your Giving Develops Tomorrow's Leaders

February 20, 2020

Between 1866 and 1882, following the Civil War, the former Methodist Episcopal Church organized the Freedmen’s Aid Society to help educate black people newly freed from slavery. Between 1866 and 1882, the society established more than 70 schools in the U.S. South and Southwest.

In 1972, The United Methodist Church established the Black College Fund to provide a constant reliable way to support United Methodist-related historically Black colleges. Today we support more historically Black colleges and universities than any other religious denomination.

Continuing a Rich Tradition

Through United Methodist Church giving, we’re supporting the important work of 11 schools committed to academic excellence based on the Christian perspective of community service and social responsibility—where students are interacting with academic staffs that serve as strong cultural and spiritual mentors.

The Black College Fund is raising up the leaders who are impacting lives and shaping communities.