Support UM Men, Scouting Ministry 'Give Day' on Mon. Oct. 21

October 14, 2019

The General Commission on United Methodist Men is expanding its mission to enable all men and all youth to have an on-growing relationship with Jesus Christ. The biggest challenge however, is that the funding needed for both men’s and scouting exceeds income projections.

Give Day will be observed on Monday, Oct. 21, 2019 and represents a one-day gifting opportunity for new and current supporters to provide financial support for men’s and scouting ministries throughout all levels of The United Methodist Church, impacting the lives of men and youth around the world.

There are three ways to give on October 21st:


From 12 a.m. to midnight, Central Daylight Time (two hours earlier in the Pacific Time Zone)

By phone:

From 5 a.m. CDT/3 a.m. PDT, to midnight CDT/10 p.m. PDT
  • call 1-866-297-4312 toll free

By mail to:

  • P.O. Box 440515, Nashville, TN. 37244

Unlike other program agencies, the General Commission on United Methodist Men is responsible for raising 75% of its budget. "We accomplish this," reads a Give Day fact sheet, "because of the support of generous churches and individuals. With our recent ministry growth,* the
requests for training, materials, follow-up guidance, and mentorship are all expanding throughout The United Methodist connection. To meet these needs, we need to expand our circle of support."

(*In 2020 The United Methodist Church will be the largest church-related charter organization of Boy Scouts of America!)

Printable ads, videos, informational sheets, and Facebook graphics are available for you to download and to share with your church, family, and friends. Support the work of United Methodist Men in scouting and men's ministry around the world by linking to these resources and sharing them with others:

Men’s lives are being transformed through the power of the Holy Spirit as they gather in small groups for study, prayer, and service, and the lives of youth are being transformed through scouting. Join this important mission: Participate in Give Day on Oct. 21st!