Remembering Our Saints, Gifting the Future

January 27, 2020

by Alice Ann Glenn

The Retired Clergy Association [RCA] gives out scholarships each year to those in seminary and Course of Study who are Certified Candidates and meet some other criteria.  The monies to support these scholarships come from RCA putting into the Memorial Scholarship Fund $200 each time one of our clergy, clergy spouse or surviving clergy spouse dies.

Individuals and families also donate to this Memorial Scholarship Fund in memory of those saints in our Conference who have passed on to life eternal. Some even stipulate the Memorial Scholarship Fund as the designated memorial for the deceased. 

When enough money comes in from one death, there is the possibility of a scholarship in that family or deceased’s name.

As Chair of the RCA Memorial Scholarship Fund, I would like to encourage laity and clergy alike to honor their beloved pastors and their spouses by donating to the Memorial Scholarship Fund.  The Certified Candidates for Ministry that receive these funds are most grateful as the cost of theological education continues to rise.  And that gift comes back to local congregations in well trained pastors.