Wednesday Webinar October 14: Reboot your worship with Dr. Marcia McFee

October 08, 2020

The Leadership Development Office presents an opportunity to get prepared for Advent with a free series The Gift of Revitalization: 6-week interactive online worship learning with Dr. Marcia McFee.

We care about resourcing the churches in this area, and we are pleased to offer you the chance to participate in Dr. Marcia McFee's "Reboot Your Worship" training at no cost to you starting on September 20th, 2020. Our participation gives you access to 6 weeks of downloadable resources (articles and videos) and 6 live webinars (also recorded for your archives) with Dr. McFee, a renowned worship designer, consultant, and educator (

She will be training churches in five basic ways to improve their worship immediately, no matter the size or style of worship and without a big budget or drastic change. Just as we have an occasional need to reboot our computers, "rebooting" your worship is simply a way to look through fresh eyes and get some fresh skills. This course is also tailored to approach worship practices during the pandemic and will explore the basics of sensory-rich worship design while emphasizing safety protocols and getting creative for online expressions without burning out. AND Dr. McFee will be getting you ready for your best Advent season ever all along the way! All you need to do is register (at no charge) to receive the emails. You can invite unlimited members of your worship team (or potential worship team members) to receive these communications as well. We encourage you to take advantage of this free offer (usually $99 per church) made possible through our area's registration.

The first Reboot session took place on Tuesday, September 22. Watch it HERE. Sign up at to hop on board and be notified about the next five sessions and to get access to all the materials. You can do this continuing education opportunity live by joining on the next five Tuesdays at 9am Pacific time, or do it at your own pace (all sessions are recorded). When you are finished, you can request conference-approved CEU’s (pending) from Dr. McFee for your participation. Invite any number of people from your church to have access by sharing that link with them.”

Click here to register for the webinar.