Puerto Rico Bishop Thanks California-Nevada Conference

December 03, 2018

Bishop Héctor F. Ortíz Vidal of the Puerto Rico Methodist Conference has written to Bishop Minerva Carcaño, extending his gratitude to the people of the California-Nevada Annual Conference for all their support, solidarity, and prayers since Hurricane Maria ravaged his country in September 2017.
Cal-Nev’s 2018 Annual Conference offering went to relief efforts in Puerto Rico and amounted to more than $106,000.
Bishop Ortíz Vidal says the donation will be used to rebuild churches and parsonages and to establish agricultural and renewable energy projects.
He adds, “The job of rebuilding the Puerto Rican Archipelago has begun and you are an important part of that effort.”
Hurricane Maria is considered the worst natural disaster on record, as far as Puerto Rico and Domenica are concerned. It claimed more than 3,000 lives and knocked out 80 percent of Puerto Rico’s power lines and completely destroyed its generators; it was 11 months before power was fully restored.
Read letter from Bishop Héctor F. Ortíz Vidal here.
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