Post-Earthquakes: California-Nevada VIM Team Makes 3rd Trip to Puerto Rico

January 10, 2020

As California-Nevada Conference prepares to dispatch another team of Volunteers in Mission to Puerto Rico, earthquakes and aftershocks continue to rock the island for the second straight day, hampering recovery efforts and further damaging communities working to rebuild after the devastation of Hurricane Maria in 2017.

Tymera Jackson, stateside coordinator of The UMC Puerto Rico volunteer program reports that the leaders of the Methodist Church of Puerto Rico (MCPR) and Rebuilding Communities with Hope (REHACE) staff and case managers are safe and doing home assessments with participants and clients they serve. The ongoing work is not in an area directly affected by this week’s quakes.

California-Nevada Conference raised over $100,000 for The United Methodist Church relief efforts in Puerto Rico through their 2018 annual conference offering. Bishop Minerva Carcaño visited several sites around the island in 2018 listening, learning and offering hope with those rebuilding their lives. 

Volunteers in Mission Team Leaders Leslie Carmichael of Los Altos UMC and Steve Elliott of San Ramon Valley UMC are preparing to travel with a VIM team February 15-22, 2020.  It will be the third time these two leaders have led California-Nevada volunteer teams in partnership with REHACE to bring hope to communities in Puerto Rico. In 2018 the volunteer team traveled to work with the communities of Puerto Rico’s south coast and in 2019 volunteers worked with folks in the northwestern area of the island. The team is waiting to hear their assigned location for the 2020 trip.

To learn more and find out how you can help the critical recovery work happening on despite most difficult conditions please visit: or