Point Pleasant Offers Help for Depression Through Sunday Sermon

October 24, 2019

Point Pleasant United Methodist Church in Elk Grove, California will feature David Woods Bartley as guest preacher this Sunday, October 27, on the subject “Reconstructing a Life Divided into a Life United – How to Build and Maintain Mental Health after Hardship, Tragedy, or Trauma.”
Bartley is a TEDx Talk speaker whose personal story includes directing a nationally recognized nonprofit and battling a life-threatening mental illness. He tells it this way:
“On August 31, 2011, I was going to end my life by jumping off the 730-foot high Foresthill Bridge. The last day of August seven plus years ago was the day the monster known as clinical depression had finally convinced me of his lies; that I was weak, stupid, ugly and grotesque, useless, worthless, and an embarrassment and burden to those in my life. But I was saved, taken off a dark spot on a tall bridge, then to an emergency room and ultimately to a psychiatric hospital where I would be admitted as a patient and remain for 15 life altering days. As it turns out, the day I thought would be my last day alive was instead the first day of a new life …"
Currently, Bartley is a member of the National Alliance on Mental Illness, the International Association for Youth Mental Health, the National Storytelling Network’s Healing Story Alliance, and Active Minds. He holds certifications in Mental Health First Aid for Adults and Youth, SafeTALK (Suicide Awareness for Everyone), and is a national trainer for the groundbreaking suicide prevention technique known as QPR (Question, Persuade and Refer).
His goal for each speech and workshop is the same: To shed light on the issue of mental illness, teach people how to leverage curiosity to overcome our fears, and use connection to create hope.
Judging by testimonials, he is successful:

  • "By far the MOST SIGNIFICANT talk on mental illness I have ever experienced! It changed my perspective and propelled me into action, all within a few moments." Anita Ross, B.E., M.S.E., author, speaker, trainer 
  • “David Bartley is a phenomenal and extremely versatile speaker … [he] has a particular knack for reflecting on traumatic experiences while still instilling hope in his audience.” Katherine Ferry, supervisor, Mental Health America of Northern California 
  • “[He] invited us to look at mental illness and recovery with a fresh lens. I have never seen a presenter with such a genuine and personal touch, while at the same time providing us with tangible tools to use in everyday life.” Nick Golling, resource center manager, The Gathering Inn 
  • “I just watched a brave man bleed his soul out to a classroom in hopes to make a positive difference in the world. This was SO mind blowing that I can hardly believe what I just witnessed.” PSYC 300 student 
  • “David ‘Woody’ Bartley has become a trusted advisor and leader in the development of a mental health ministry at Auburn Pioneer United Methodist Church. He has developed a series of sermons and workshops that break down the walls of fear with a message of hope, treatment and recovery … He consistently has a line of people wanting to talk with him after his message.” Rev. Gary McAnally, co-pastor, Newcastle UMC (who served Pioneer UMC 2014-17)

Bartley will preach at both the 9:45 and 11 a.m. worship services at Point Pleasant UMC this Sunday. The church is located at 3329 Point Pleasant Road, Elk Grove, CA 95757. 

Learn more about him at davidwoodsbartley.com.