June 7: Peace with Justice Sunday

June 04, 2020

Editor's note: The following is excerpted from a letter written by Mark Harrison, Director of Peace with Justice, General Board of Church and Society

"A gift opens the way and ushers the giver into the presence of the great." — Proverbs 18:16, NIV

Over the years, United Methodists have supported many Peace with Justice ministries that changed lives locally and around globe. Systemic barriers are removed because of your generosity. Thank you for your faithful giving to Peace with Justice ministries. Whether we are working to break the cycle of poverty or addressing cultural, economic, social and environmental justice challenges, we are all working together for a better world.

The Peace with Justice Sunday celebration is a few days away. Use these resources and ideas in your online worship celebration:
  • If your church has online giving, share that information with the congregation or ask them to give online at www.umcgiving.org/givepwjs.
  • Present a mission story from the Peace with Justice Sunday Mission Moments and More (includes vignette about an offering recipient, Scripture reading and offertory prayer) or use the Offering Talk provided in the Pastor and Leader Kit before you receive the offering.
  • Publish the Liturgy before scheduled worship so attendees can follow along as you read during online worship.
  • Remind your speaker to emphasize ideas from the Sermon Starter.
  • Tell the congregation that you will share the total offering received on this Special Sunday and thank the congregation for their generous gifts.
  • Send the offering to your annual conference treasurer.
Thank you for giving to the Peace with Justice Sunday offering. Your gifts strengthen Peace with Justice ministries locally and around the world.