Online Course – Anti-Racism 101: Required Skills for White People Who Want to be Allies

August 20, 2020

Editor's note: The General Commission on Religion and Race has developed a new online course that will be available starting September 1. The following includes a brief course description and links to access the course, all accessed from the GCORR website:

Anti-racism 101 online course centers on one big idea: that anti-racism is anything that actually interrupts and dismantles racism. As a 101 course, the content will focus on defining anti-racism, identifying anti-racism, and practicing anti-racism by interrupting racism. The three sessions will roughly fall under these categories: theory (big idea), practice [working with the big idea), and personal (implementing the big idea).

By taking this course, students will:

  1. Learn how to explain anti-racism to your church siblings or family
  2. Build your skills in interrupting racism in real-time
  3. Practice becoming stronger against white fragility – overcome the temptation to give up when the realities of racism become intense
  4. Create a foundational toolbox to interrupt and dismantle racism that will ground any other anti-racism work you do

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