New Task Force Launches Forums Series with Presentation on Militarism, Global Climate, Migration

September 23, 2019

On Wednesday, October 2 at noon, the newly created Task Force on Criminalization of Children & Youth will host a presentation by Nick Buxton titled, “Whose Security? Militarism and the Global Climate and Migration Crises.”
The presentation, based on Buxton’s book, The Secure and the Dispossessed, will share how the military-industrial complex and corporate interests share a common vision to address global climate and migration crises. Unfortunately, according the Buxton, this vision is intended to protect the security of the wealthy at the expense of the world’s poor and marginalized.
The task force was formed by the California-Nevada Conference Advocacy and Justice Committee as a result of Annual Conference 2019 Resolution #22, to study the global intersection of the military, prison, and security industries and their relationship to/with racism, poverty, and the criminalization of children and youth. As part of its study process the task force will be hosting forums such as these to create opportunities for larger engagement and discussion among conference clergy and laity. These forums will be a dynamic part of the study process that will help shape and contextualize the final report of the task force that will go to Annual Conference Session in June 2020.
Task force members include Angela Brown, Joanne Lawson, Ruth Stacey, Nancy Reding, and Co-Chairs Rev. Michael Yoshii and Patricia Daugherty. It is staffed by Jorge Domingues, Executive Director of Connectional Ministries.
“Part of our work will be to contextualize our study process affirming our geographical diversity, while making it relevant to conference members and congregations,” says Daugherty. “Our hope is to also lift up ministry stories within our conference and draw upon the wealth of expertise and efforts that already exist.”
“As we engage in this study process, we know our task is complex, but we will ground ourselves in the moral and spiritual power deeply rooted in our Christian faith,” adds Yoshii, “and open ourselves to the call for deeper faithfulness as Christ’s disciples.”
The Nick Buxton forum will take place at the Sacramento Conference Center, with lunch provided for those who RSVP for in person attendance. Participation will also be available through Zoom. Log in at 
For more information and/or to RSVP contact Patricia Daugherty at