Napa UMW Sewing to Improve Lives of Women

March 13, 2020

Napa UMW members and other volunteers met Sat, Mar. 7 at Napa United Methodist Church to cut fabric patterns and sew washable menstrual pads for girls and women of all ages who might not otherwise be able to access or afford adequate sanitary supplies.

This is the third time Napa UMW members and volunteers have produced these reusable pads for distribution by the international non-profit, Days for Girls. The organization reports that, “girls and women resort to using rags, mattress stuffing, banana leaves, and even cow dung to manage their menstruation.”

The pads will provide a more effective and hygienic way to manage monthly periods, that will enable girls to attend school, and women of all ages to carry on with daily activities during their menses.

To date, over a million females have benefited from the combined efforts of Days for Girls and sewing volunteers who wish to remove stigmas and limitations in the lives of girls and women of all ages, all over the world.