Message to Houses of Worship from Sacramento FBI

May 02, 2019

Monday, April 29, 2019 12:07 PM


I am sincerely sorry that I find myself once again writing to you to offer my condolences following an attack on a synagogue. The attack on Saturday in Poway was an attack on all that is decent. The FBI stands with the Jewish community here in Sacramento and nation-wide in the fight against hate crime. 

I did want to let all of you know that, at present, we are unaware of any links between the Poway incident and the Sacramento area. We also have no information regarding threats to local religious groups or facilities. That said, each new incident like this serves as an example to others prone to violence. I would ask that you reach out to the FBI and/or local law enforcement if your community receives a threat or observes suspicious behavior. The FBI can be reached at 916-746-7000 and you can email me directly anytime.  

Again, my sincere condolences for the violence in Poway. 
Katie Burnett 
Community Outreach Specialist 
Sacramento Division