Merced Students Debate Human Relationships in the #MeToo Era

October 02, 2018

Merced College students examined the momentous topic of sexual assault and violence toward women in the #MeToo era, when they gathered for Wesley Club on Thursday, September 27. They also discussed the confirmation hearing of Supreme Court justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh, who has been accused of committing a sexual assault when he was in high school and of other aggressive sexual conduct.
At Wesley Club students spend the first half of the meeting sharing their life issues and challenges, according to the Rev. John Song, Campus Minister of Wesley Foundation of Merced, and the second half studying the Bible and how it relates to what's happening in our world.
“They are all Christians who are thrilled to have a safe place for honest and vulnerable self-disclosure and [deepening] their Christian faith,” he says of Wesley Club attendees.
At last week’s meeting, discussion on the broader topic of sexual assault transitioned to dialogue about personal application, as students weighed in on the importance of learning to set healthy boundaries and of employing a consent agreement in all human interactions – especially when it comes to intimacy. They were given tools to help them navigate human relationships, such as:

  • External behaviors may not always indicate what someone is open to. The only way to know is to simply ASK them before acting. 

    Example: “May I share a hug with you?” If the answer is “yes,” go for it. If the answer is “no,” say, with kindness and warmth, “Thanks for being honest!”
  •  “No” means “no”; “Maybe” means “no”; only “Yes” means “yes.”
  •  Changing one’s mind in the middle of a personal connection is totally valid.
  •  Being truthful about your relationship status, your availability, and your sexual boundaries is the foundation of intimate relationship.
In his capacity as Campus Minister, Rev. Song oversees ministries at UC Merced, Merced College, and Wesley House – an Intentional Christian Community that houses students from both UC Merced and Merced College.
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At Wesley Club on Sept. 27 (from left), Merced College students Lilly Cunnings, Kendra Gerstenberg, and Emily Rodriguez; and Campus Minister the Rev. John Song.