‘Liberation Methodist Church’ idea gets hearing

March 13, 2020

by Sam Hodges, UMNews

Some came wanting a new denomination. Others said they prefer, for now, to keep working within The United Methodist Church.

But all who attended the UM-Forward event held here March 6-8 expressed commitment to Gospel-based activism on various fronts, namely LGBTQ inclusion, but also reparations, workers’ rights and climate change.

“A rainbow flag in front of a building is not enough,” said the Rev. Alex da Silva Souto, one of the event’s organizers.

Such talk resonated with the Rev. Jon Pohl, who traveled to the meeting from Lansing, Michigan.

“I came because I’m tired of half-stepping into justice,” said Pohl, pastor of Lansing’s Asbury United Methodist Church. “This seemed like a bold step.”

The Dallas gathering, titled “Trailblazing the Liberation Methodist Church,” was held March 6-8 at Preston Hollow United Methodist Church and included work toward forming a new denomination, as well as strategizing for the 2020 General Conference.