REGIONALIZATION AND PROTOCOL FIRST: Request from Inter-Ethnic Coalition to General Conference

March 13, 2020

IESDG (Inter-Ethnic Strategy and Development Group) requests and urges the Commission on General Conference that the legislation on regionalization coming from Central Conferences, be the first matter to be deliberated in General Conference 2020, followed by the Protocol of Reconciliation and Grace Through Separation.  

All the plans and legislations offered for considerations to our General Conference this year are intricate and complex.  As such, it mandates an incremental and intentional process in order to provide a space for constructive conferencing and discernment that will allow a gracious path forward. 

IESDG is also asking that the Commission on General Conference take such action as necessary to include all other supplementary legislations and priorities, as dictated by these primary petitions.

“We need to give priority to the Christmas Covenant petitions coming from our Central Conferences, if we truly want to be a Global Church that is connected for mission and at the same time promotes self-determination and equity in each of our different contexts,” says Rev. Lyssette N. Perez, Chair of IESDG and President of MARCHA.