“Hard to imagine”

December 10, 2020

 Hard to imagine a shepherd’s reason for hope when the darkness of brutal empire had joined hands with a poverty that crushed the spirit.
Hard to imagine that the cry of joy could pry open lips long sealed shut by the gaunt grimness of a hand to mouth existence.
Hard to imagine that, on a dark hillside of long ago, an angel’s promise would bring a light to the heavens that would illuminate the hearts of those who managed to summon the courage to trust that the promise was true.
Hard to imagine that this simple story would be told and told again, year after year, century after century, until we would know it by heart.

For if we could not imagine such a story,
If we could not imagine such a hope,
If we could not imagine such a trust,
Then we could not imagine the meaning and the mystery of
a light greater than the darkness,
a faith that does not flinch in the face of fear,
a love that is rooted not in “what is,” but, “what shall be.”
Then we could never imagine the quiet ways,
the unexpected ways,
yes, even the preposterous ways
that God chooses to work in our world.