Gratitude in Action – Endowment Board Expands Ministry with Increased Gift

July 26, 2019

By Jenny Copello 
Development Coordinator/Exec. Asst., The Endowment Board
At the Friday afternoon plenary at this year’s Annual Conference Session (ACS) of the California-Nevada Conference of The United Methodist Church, Endowment Board trustee Rev. Michael Yoshii presented the board’s annual grants to the Board of Pensions and Retired Clergy Association. Board of Pensions accepted a check for $1,800,000 (a $200,000 increase since 2017), and the Retired Clergy Association accepted a check for $106,000.
“We were blessed to be in a place where we could increase our gift, and our board unanimously agreed,” said Executive Director Cory Parish. He added, “We are pleased to report that additional funds will be used for healthcare subsidies, and expanded programs and services for our retirees and their spouses.”
A portion of the annual grant to the Retired Clergy Association funds the annual luncheon for retirees and spouses on the Wednesday of ACS. With a final RSVP list of morthan 150 people, this year’s luncheon was one of the best attended events in recent memory. The afternoon consisted of a delectable meal at the popular restaurant Greens on Tenth, the celebration of a successful year for the organization, and special visits with old friends and colleagues. The Endowment Board provided rides to and from the luncheon via a golf cart chauffeured by Endowment Board Treasurer Mark Ramorino.
The Endowment Board works tirelessly to provide support for the retired clergy and spouses in new and innovative ways and promises to emulate Gratitude in Action for generations to come.