Give to Bay Area SF Homeless Hotel Project

May 07, 2020

San Fransisco, like many California cities, has a large population that is unhoused and is at high risk for exposure to coronavirus which causes COVID-19.  Area shelters are often crowded and unable to create social distancing protocols while accommodating everyone who needs a safe place off of the streets.

In April Bay area District Superintendent Staci Current contacted 9 San Francisco UMC churches and the deacon for community engagement and advocacy together and proposed a major gift of $100,000 to move Hospitality House area shelter residents into a hotel to provide greater protection against contacting the coronavirus. The hotel residents receive wrap around care services as well.   

Since the initial donation a local tech company has given $5,000 and three area Tongan churches (Laurel UMC, Shoreview UMC and San Bruno UMC) have come together and given $2,500.

SF Homeless Area Hotel Project team has included a focus on supporting Compass Family Services to assist them in moving families from shelters to area hotels.

The Bay Area SF Homeless Hotel Project continues and needs your support.

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Click here to read the initial article around Bay area support for unhoused at risk people written by Pastor Sadie Stone which appeared in the April 9 Instant Connection.