GCORR Denounces Trump’s Racist and Xenophobic ‘Chinese Virus’ Language

March 26, 2020

March 22, 2020

GCORR denounces the U.S. President’s racist language to describe the Coronavirus as “The Chinese Virus.”

Not only does this unapologetic use of xenophobia and racial terror create physical, emotional, and economic harm to persons of Asian descent, it amplifies President Trump’s individual racism with the institutional power of the United States government.

When a leader of the world makes individual racist statements, they provide an evil courage and politicized cover for racism. People begin to believe that their own racism is aligned with national policy, and at times, it is. Institutions begin to believe racist policies and discrimination against People of Color are not only acceptable but protected, and at times, they are.

We as a people of faith, in the God of justice and equity, Who always stands on the side of the oppressed, must take a firm stand against racism in all of its forms.