Fair Oaks United Methodist Church: Back-to-school drive for Downtown Ministries

October 26, 2020

Fair Oaks United Methodist Church’s Back-to-School Drive for Downtown Ministries GOAL EXCEEDED = $1817.76!

Even though students are learning from home this fall, they still need supplies, internet access, and clothing. Some students also need masks on the occasions that they meet with teachers in-person.

Downtown Ministries is working with parents to provide for each child's specific needs this school year. Fair Oaks UMC’s 2019 school supply drive brought in 26 backpacks and LOTS of supplies which totaled 55% of what was needed by Downtown Ministries.

For 2020 Fair Oaks UMC focused on monetary donations that can be applied to each student's specific needs. Our goal for 2020 was $1500. We collected $1817.76!

The stated goals of Downtown Ministries are to provide a shelter-voucher program and services for homeless families. The ministry’s outreach focus is at low-income motels to feed, clothe, and provide other necessities. Downtown Ministries also seeks to fully furnish apartments for families transitioning into homes.

Downtown Ministries offers its services in the name of Christ. Services are tendered to all people regardless of national origin, creed, age, sex, handicap or gender identity. Thank you for all the ways in which you care for each other and for the community around us!