Every Wednesday at 1: Oakland's Taylor Memorial UMC Food Giveaway

June 04, 2020

Pastor Anthony Jenkins of Taylor Memorial UMC knows how critical having access to healthy food is for families, especially in this time of pandemic when many folks are simply going without. 
Oakland is a diverse community outside of San Fransisco that has been affected particularly hard by the COVID-19 and the economic strain resulting from the pandemic closings and layoffs has made it challenging for families to make ends meet. 

Starting last week on Wednesday May 27th, and now every Wednesday at 1p, you will find Pastor Jenkins along with staff and volunteers from Oakland's Taylor Memorial UMC out in the church parking lot giving away boxes of fresh vegetables and fruit.  You can walk up, you can drive up for your fresh food: No paperwork, no documents, no waiting. 

Taylor Memorial's Pastor Anthony Jenkins wanted to address one of the most basic needs facing his community, especially in this time of COVID-19: food insecurity. It was very important to him, especially in this current political climate, to design Taylor Memorial's food program with no strings attached. "We wanted to be able to show the unconditional love of Christ. We wanted to feed your need," said Pastor Jenkins.

Pastor Jenkins reached out to Bay Cities Produce and the USDA to partner with Taylor Memorial and provide the fresh fruit and vegetable boxes. In this their second week, Taylor Memorial has given away more than 300 boxes.

Through the partnership, Taylor Memorial has the capacity to give 1000 boxes of food to the community each week, and they are determined to reach that threshold.

The faith family of Oakland's Taylor Memorial was quick to get behind the project, which is supported solely by staff and volunteers from the church. The excitement and fellowship of this ministry has brought everyone closer together and allowed for greater unity throughout the church, shared Pastor Jenkins.

Take a moment and view this video provided by Taylor Memorial UMC.

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