Epworth UMC Fallon Daily Bread stands in the gap in northern Nevada

April 16, 2020

By Dawn Blundell, Pastor, Epworth UMC

Epworth UMC plays a very active role in serving folks in need in our Northern Nevada community.

Through Epworth Community Food Pantry, Fallon Daily Bread, we are able to provide food, clothing, care, and dignity to hundreds of people in need each week, in the name of Jesus Christ. The pantry provides free laundry and shower services, and an evening hot meal program and has now expanded to 3 nights per week at the request of county officials.

In this time of quarantine, these efforts continue full strength, in somewhat altered form to protect the health and safety of volunteers and guests.

On Monday, April 6 we received word that produce vendors in Reno, NV were donating 20,000 lbs of unused produce to folks in need in Fallon. The vendors in Reno reached out to a local food advocate, who immediately called Epworth because of her knowledge of Fallon Daily Bread.

The mountain of acorn squash, zucchini, broccoli, tomatoes, and bananas arrived on Tuesday afternoon. Pastor Dawn Blundell recruited a small band of gloved and masked volunteers to unload and prepare for distribution, and several area nonprofits were invited to come and take whatever they needed for the populations they serve.

The next day, Fallon families were invited to come and take whatever was left, packed into grocery bags by (gloved and masked) volunteers. 20,000 lbs of produce that would otherwise have gone to waste was distributed to people in need in less than 24 hours.

It was a beautiful sight.

The quarantine is really difficult, in many ways. It is a joy to see the people of God step up to be the hands and feet of Christ, giving generously of time, resources, and love.