UM Federal Credit Union Donates $5,000 to California-Nevada Disaster Relief

February 20, 2020

For the second year in a row the Board of Directors of United Methodist Federal Credit Union, (UMFCU),  donated $5,000 to support disaster relief efforts in the California-Nevada Conference.

Ramon Noperi, President/CEO of UMFCU said, "It is a pleasure and privilege to donate $5,000 to the California-Nevada Conference of the UMC, one of the biggest markets we serve in the Western Jurisdiction. For 73 years, UMFCU continues to grow providing competitive products to its members and increasing new accounts. However, the philosophy and mission of the UMFCU is also to give back."

California-Nevada Director of Disaster Response Ministries Sonja Edd-Bennett said, "We do appreciate UMFCU’s awareness of the continued effort our Conference Office and churches are putting toward disaster response and recovery - as well as preparedness. This $5,000 will go a long way toward helping families in our communities recover from the fires we’ve so recently struggled with."

Noperi commended the conference and all of it's churches in all their disaster relief efforts. He said, "From fires and earthquakes to hurricanes and tornadoes, communities are always at risk for disasters. Disaster Relief programs like that of California-Nevada make a significant difference in improving the lives and resources in impacted communities. We are glad to make this our second year of a $5,000 donation to this tremendous program and we hope to be able to continue to do so in the future and beyond."

The United Methodist Federal Credit Union serves the 7 conferences of the Western Jurisdiction. As business partners and partners in mission, UMFCU fulfills its vision to help make a difference in communities across the Western Jurisdiction connection.