UMCOR Connecting Neighbors: Plan. Prepare. Prevent.

March 06, 2020

Life is complicated and full of the unknown. When we walk out the door each morning we trust that it will be just another day and sometimes it is.  Sometimes it isn't. 

When life happens, not having a plan, not being prepared and not having preventative measures in place can turn our world upside down. 

Connecting Neighbors can help us come together and work through the storms of life.  

Connecting Neighbors is a resource developed by United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) and presented by the CA-NV Office of Disaster Response. The goal is to inspire individuals, congregations and communities to be better able to minimize disaster-caused harm to people and property and to respond to our neighbors in helpful cooperative and caring ways on behalf the church and in the spirit of Jesus Christ.

For more information and to schedule a Connecting Neighbors training session contact:
Sonja Edd-Bennett,
DirectorDisaster Response Ministry