Conference Mission Focus Area Conveners, Committee Chairs Meet

October 16, 2019

By JB Brayfindley
Communications Assistant

“It’s great to know that everyone is working towards the same goal,” said Marsha Maloof, the newly appointed chair of the
Subcommittee on African-American/Black Ministries, about the recent orientation meeting of the California-Nevada Conference Mission Focus Area (MFA) conveners and committee chairs. The October 9, 2019 gathering at the conference offices began with an opening worship service led by Rev. Fel Cao. There followed a series of presentations, and the day ended with an opportunity for breakout groups to review the purpose statement and membership needs of their committees.
The Core Team, led by Rev. Kathi McShane, presented the strategic planning process begun at the 2019 Annual Conference Session. She hopes to enlist the participation of conference committee chairpersons in the strategic planning process for the next ACS, in order to develop a Vision and Strategic Plan for the 2021-24 Quadrennium.
“We were able to share the values heard on the evening conversation sessions at annual conference and ask the chairpersons to explore with their committees how those values apply to the work that they do as a conference committee,” said Rev. Jorge Domingues, executive director of Connectional Ministries.
“It’s beautiful very productive, I think,” remarked pastor Iunisi Tovo, who serves on the Conference Committee on Nominations and Connectional Leadership Development. “I think the spirit is moving within this leadership.”
The committees will receive further guidance when the Core Team reports results of the “Listening to Your Church’s Voice conversations happening around the conference this fall, and further guidance based on the annual conference-mandated study of structural changes that may be put in place by the next General Conference and how those would impact California-Nevada. 
The committees are being asked to start the planning and budgeting process for the next quadrennium now.
At the orientation meeting, Rev. Sunae Cho, chair of the Committee on Nominations and Connectional Leadership Development, introduced the process of succession for committee members who will reach the point of maximum tenure in their committees. About half of all committee positions will need to be filled at the 2020 ACS. The committee chairs were asked to work with Nominations to identify new diverse and qualified persons to serve the conference through its many committees.
“Very informational and gave me, for myself in particular, something to think about how we [might] look in the next quadrennium, not just for the conference but for the Filipino community the challenges that we will face and the opportunities that present themselves. Challenges are opportunities for ministry,” added Rev. Elmar De Ocera, president of the Subcommittee on Filipino American Ministries.